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Getting started as a virtual assistant not only means developing your back office but being prepared for any type of tool you client might need you to use in order to support their business. Business From Home Mom TT&D contains in-depth training on tools used for Task Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and so much more!

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🌟 Hold your hand as you build 🌟 Teach you what you NEED to know to get started as a virtual assistant 🌟Show you where to find clients 🌟Get you on your way to being an in-demand, successful, smart virtual assistant 🌟 Design your systems and services to you are well positioned to attract clients

About Heather

The Rockin' Mom who..

I started my own virtual assisting business after years of working for corporate America in various admin roles. When I finally woke up to the fact that there was a better, more lucrative, and less stressful way to live; I had to carve out my own road. I've taken every business mistake I've ever made, every false start, every success, and every hard-learned lesson and created these easy to follow courses. Why? Because I believe that we ALL deserve a life of less stress, and more money ~ no matter our current circumstances or where we started.